• Work from home setting showing donut and line bar charts made by Passplot analytics services on the analyst's mobile phone.

    Data Analytics at your Fingertips

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Fast and easy

Choose from menus of advanced analytics and charts, get code-free media and results in seconds. 

Fully mobile

Bring your data, choose your workflow.  Great for remote teams, analysis on the go.


Passplot is integrated to Slack for seamless collaboration and supported learning that sticks.

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At Passplot, we want data analysis to be as fast and easy as sending text on your mobile phone.  That’s why we work with the mobile apps you already love, build the best workflows, and give you simple ways to share your insights.  It's true agility, by design.

"Analytics can be such a cumbersome and lengthy process.  Passplot cuts the hassle down so analysts can focus on insights that matter, right at their fingertips, on their phones."

Felippe Cronemberger PhD, Solutions Consultant and Data Analyst

The Passplot app was incredibly user friendly and I really enjoyed the collaborative dynamic the students had in the Yellow Belt Masterclass. The sessions and slides were clear, thorough and engaging.

Michael Scoli, Software Engineering Student at NYU

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