A Text to an Analyst's Future Self

Frankly, I didn’t have to look very far for inspiration, when a client sales director shared her delightful wisdom: “It’s not the lemons you get dealt, it’s what you do with them. Let’s make some lemonade!”  When the world just seems upside down in so many ways, that’s the best time to lean into our future selves. 

This is racking up to be, after all, a new golden era for analysts, and for so many converging reasons:

All Hands on Digital Deck

In their Digital 2020 global  report, Hootsuite estimated that 3.8 billion people actively use social media today- that’s half of the world’s population, dedicating up to 2 hours of their day on social, and up to 6 on the internet.  Pair that with the incredible figure of 5.2 billion unique mobile phone users globally, and you can see why businesses and organizations are all in on digital. What a difference 13 years makes, since the unveiling of the iPhone in 2007.

Not Enough Data

Packed with 15 or more possible sensorsyour mobile device has become the Star Trek tricorder of your lifestyle.  From your location, to your movements and biometrics, there are rivers of data to be had, on top of how much data there is already.  Statista’s 2020 overall IP traffic estimate of 200 exabytes per month  translates to about 100,000 gigabytes per second (about 25 Million photos), every second.  Knowing when, what, and how to analyze data and bring high quality insights to decision makers is the urgent new imperative.  

Skills Needed like Sleep

These market forces are placing premium demand on critical thinking and complex problem solving to increase efficiencies and expand into new markets.  The reskilling revolution is already in full force.   The World Economic Forum predicts that the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence professional cluster alone is expected to have 40% compound annual growth in the top 20 global economies, and add nearly 450,000 new jobs in the immediate future.  LinkedIn reported that analytical reasoning and business analysis continue to top the skills required for highest demand hires. Employees are also realizing that employees will likely need to spend 30% of their work lives learning new skills to have ongoing contributory health, much like the 30% sleep that is recommended in overall life to have ongoing restorative health.

Pandemic Shifts

The E-learning market has already surpassed $200B in 2019, with a 8% growth  further fueled by the pandemic through expansion of remote learning and hybrid work arrangements.  Mobile solutions will need to provide analysts with greater power to support not only their more flexible lifestyles, but also the efficiencies and outcomes focus of the new structural economy.

Thread it with Agility

It’s for all of these reasons that I believe that the future is bright for data analysts.  With the right marriage of mobile integration and instructional ease, analysts will be empowered with the real agility they need to pace their professional and personal ambitions.

Let’s build a new world, inspired by data.

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